Engine Service Pricing

35Motorsports specializes in Supersport & Superstock race engine building for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles. See our Superstock and Supersport Engine Packages below:

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Superstock/Supersport Engine Package Top End

$1200 includes:

  • Degreeing the cams

  • Remove cylinder head
  • Measure squish (piston to head clearance)
  • Clean combustion chamber
  • Disassemble cylinder head
  • Inspect/prep valves
  • Inspect valve seats
  • Check valve spring pressures
  • Set cam journal clearance
  • Machine gasket surface (angle or straight mill)
  • Clean/prep piston crowns and cylinder deck surface*
  • Reassemble head and install
  • Slot cam sprockets or install cam adaptors
  • Check and adjust valve clearances to spec
  • Degree cams to spec
  • Install racing spark plugs
  • Install racing engine covers or guards (if applicable)

*Optional: Serdi full radius or multi angle valve seat resurfacing- includes bench shimming for valve clearance adjustment $360 + shims.

Superstock/Supersport Engine Package Bottom End

$2000 includes top end package

  • Complete R6 Engine Build

  • Replace main and rod bearings, rod bolts/nuts
  • Replace piston rings (optional)
  • Inspect connecting rods and wrist pins
  • Diamond hone cylinder (if required)
  • Modify oiling system (optional)
  • Inspect transmission gears and shift forks
  • Prep piston crowns
  • Install ceramic transmission bearings (if supplied - extra charge applicable)

Cylinder Head Services

  • GSX-R cylinder head after maching

  • Disassemble head, R&R and inspect/prep valves, check valve spring pressures, angle mill: $225 or straight mill gasket surface: $150
  • Angle $165 or straight mill $90 gasket surface only
  • Serdi valve seat resurfacing (radius or multi angle) includes R&R and inspect/prep valves, check valve spring pressures and shim for valve clearances $360 + shims
  • Install cam sprocket adaptors (Suzuki) or slot OEM sprockets $50
  • Complete 35Motorsports superstock/supersport cylinder head treatment (Includes above + setting cam journal clearances and bench shim valves): $600
  • Special serdi seat operations $150 (call 317-850-3884 for details)