Street Services

35Motorsports services street bikes too, that is how we got started! We do it all! Whether you are into track days, sport riding, touring or just commuting to work, we can keep your motorcycle running like new.

Simply browse our service offering below or schedule a service for your motorcycle!

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Scheduled Maintenance

We offer comprehensive scheduled maintenance as well as optimizing the performance of your street bike.


We have some great suspension packages that are designed to fit into anyone’s budget.


Let us professionally install your accessories! Of course we sell parts, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t install them if they are bought elsewhere.

Damage Estimates

We can also perform insurance estimates for crash damage repair. We have been working with insurance companies for years and know the ins and outs of proper estimating and repair to assure that the customer is always satisfied. Average insurance estimate is complete and submitted within 48 hours.


While you wait tire changes are available. Buy them from us or bring your own tires. Services are performed in a timely manner, no two week waits with us. We keep most service items in stock (brake pads, chains, oil, filters etc.). Monthly service specials available, call 317.850.3884 for details!

Street Service Price List Schedule a service

Basic Suspension & Chassis

  • Change brake pads $15 per caliper
  • Clean calipers during pad change $20 pr.
  • Change/flush brake & clutch fluid $30
  • Measure and adjust sag and compression and rebound settings $80
  • Install frame sliders $30 no cut, $60 (includes cutting holes if applicable)
  • Install steering damper $30-$60
  • Remove and install front forks (sportbike) $60
  • Install chain/sprockets $60
  • Install fork springs (includes cutting of spacers) $60
  • Rebuild calipers $60 ea + parts
  • Install Brembo (or aftermarket) master cylinder $60
  • Install and bleed braided brake lines $90 ($60 front, $30 rear)
  • Install rearsets $60-$90
  • R&R rear shock, check spring rate or change rear spring $60-$90
  • Remove and install front forks (touring bike) $100
  • Fork seal replacement $100 pr (std. forks) | $140 pr (inverted or cartridge type)
  • Install clip-ons $120
  • Safety wire complete bike $150 (clips included)
  • Install aftermarket body/fairing $120-$180

Fuel & Electronics

  • Install Bazzaz FI system or Dynojet Powercommander PCIII $60-up
  • Install quickshifter $60-up
  • Weld in exhaust bung for air-fuel module (O2 sensor) $120

Engine Service

  • Oil/filter change $30 - $60 (includes general check over)
  • Valve adjustment $250-$400
  • Coolant change $30 + supplies

Tire & Wheel

Tire Prices: INQUIRE

  • Front or rear sportbike (on bike) $45 ea (includes balancing – tires purchased from 35motorsports)
  • Front or rear sportbike (wheel only) $25 ea (includes balancing)
  • Balance only $5
  • Wheel bearing R&R $20 per wheel
  • Bead blast rotors $20 each

35Motorsports has a wide selection of tires that are right for any application. We can supply most brands and sizes for a wide range of motorcycles. 35Motorsports offers competitive pricing and will match most vendor’s advertised prices. We also offer professional mounting and balancing for most bikes starting at just $10.00.

Prices call 317.850.3884 for sizes and availability.